CASAA alert for Mass Residents

For you Massachusetts residents, CASAA has an alert posted about the Newton Board of Aldermen which is considering an ordinance that would ban flavors, vaping where smoking is prohibited, and raise she minimum age to purchase vaping products to 21.

While none of these are threatening to our industry as a whole, we do encourage you getting out and at least being a voice in the matter. If we don’t speak up, we will be beaten. From the CASAA blog:

The Program & Services Committee of the Newton, Massachusetts Board of Aldermen is considering an ordinance that would impose devastating restrictions on e-cigarettes within the city, including (1) banning flavors, (2) prohibiting e-cigarette use wherever smoking is prohibited, (3) prohibiting sales of e-cigarettes wherever tobacco products can’t be sold, and (4) raising the minimum purchase age to 21. (CASAA currently does not take a position on this last issue, but members are free to express their views.)

You can read the entire article here:

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18650 PV from Innokin

Innokin has done it once again with their line of personal vaporizers with the new awesome iTaste VTR mod! Innokin are known for making good quality electronic cigarette devices and the VTR is right in line with that tradition. In fact, the quality of Innokin products are probably the best available when you balance out durability, functionality and price point. They make great stuff.

The VTR balances form and function into a very durable mod that’s designed to be a little more powerful than the other VV/VW mods in their current product line up. You supply your own 18650 battery on the VTR which is actually nice since you can replace it if it goes bad. You can also carry a spare battery with you for times when you won’t be able to recharge. In fact, I would even argue that this makes a better starting kit than what is currently marketed as a starting kit.

iTaste VTR Mod

It is a box mod, which I realize isn’t everyone’s taste. But the star here is the electronics. This is one of the first VV/VW advanced mods to allow sub-ohm vaping for those of you who want to roll your own RBA’s. Its not like a mech mod – it supports sub ohm vaping down to .7 – but for most people this is going to be perfect. There are saftey concerns going much lower anyway. I’m personally happy to be able to vape at 1.0 ohms – this is my sweet spot. Most other advanced PV’s won’t let you fire the device below 1.3 (usually 1.5) so this is a big deal.

The mod is extremely well built and well priced. Check out this review – its quite an excellent choice for any vape enthusiast.

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